Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Who Ordered the Snow?

This weekend I got a wonderful treat. I spent the weekend in Tahoe with eight ladies from my book club! Normally we meet one Sunday night per month and we switch off who hosts. Well this month the hostesses said, "let's all meet at my cabin in Tahoe!" At first it wasn't clear that many folks would be able to make it but ultimately we had about half the group. It was such a wonderful weekend and great to have a bunch of Mom's around! There was always someone cooking something or cleaning up - not like when you go somewhere with your own family and you have to do all the work. I had a fabulous time.

There was even a quick trip to a cute little yarn store called the Wool Tree. They had lots of lovely yarns including a fabulous selection of Trendsetter Tonalita. I was looking at the pretty colors trying to decide what to make and I decided to finally give Lizard Ridge a go. I've always wanted to make it but I don't like the feel of Noro Kureyon. The Tonalita is very soft in gorgeous colors so I think I'm going to like this. I didn't get enough for the entire blanket because I wanted to knit a few up to make sure that I liked it. I really do so will now have to hunt down the rest on-line.

The weather was in the '60's on Saturday and the sun was shining. But what a surprise when we woke up Sunday morning - SNOW!! We were like little kids on their first snow day. We made snow angels, took pictures and threw snowballs. It was absolutely gorgeous. The only bad part was having to dig out my car . . .

Oh yeah - and the book? We read The Help which I highly recommend. It takes place in the '50's and '60's in Jacksonville, Mississippi and it's a realy eye opener.