Thursday, June 15, 2006

My SP8 is SP-Gr8!

I am having so much fun with the SP8 exchange. As I've mentioned before - this is my first time doing one and it is great. I have been e-mailing my spoilee and have sent her one package. I'm about to get the second one in the mail. But even more fun is my spoiler. I believe her name is Brooke and she works in the legal field. I THINK she is a paralegal for a Wills and Trusts firm in Sacramento. That's my guess so far. Anyway - she has sent me cards (both paper and e-cards) and several e-mails. It has been fun getting to know a total stranger who shares several common interests. Then on Monday I got this!

It is a gorgeous, glittery hand bag in a beautiful blue-ish yarn. The photo doesn't do the colors justice. The colors in the photo below are closer. Anyway - I just love it. My 10 year old also loves it however so the fight is on! Also the handles are really cool - she crocheted around them and so they are covered with the yarn as well. It looks great! I have no idea how to do that so I'm going to need a tutorial! Anyway - I just love it. Thank you so much Brooke (or whoever you are . . . . .)


Dipsy said...

Wow, you certainly got an amazing secret pal - this bag is so gorgeous! I can well imagine that you and your little one do have some fights over who's going to use it - but I'm sure you'll manage that ;) Have a lot more fun with the SP8 exchange, and happy knitting!

SP8 said...

Ohh, I am so glad you like it!! Your SP8

Kish said...

Lucky you to have such a great pal :). It's a great purse, I love the design.