Sunday, April 30, 2006

So what's with all the socks?

I'm a newbie to having a blog but I have been surfing the knitting blogs for about six months now. I'm sure there is a direct correlation between my discovery of knitting blogs and a drop of productivity at work! I started with the Yarn Harlot and went from there. One of these days when I can figure out how I'll post a sidebar with the blogs I read. Anyway - my question is - WHAT'S WITH ALL THE SOCKS???? Almost every blog I read the knitter is knitting socks! What's the appeal? What's the deal? Socks are knit on itty bitty teenie tiny needles, you have to use those tricky double pointed ones and hope that you don't loose stitches and in the end you have - a pair of knitted socks. Now maybe it's because I'm a California girl and almost never wear socks - even in the dead of winter. Maybe it's because my calves are big and I worry about socks not staying up. But why is it that everyone is knitting socks? Are they super comfortable? Is it because they are hoping to knit a sock that has the personality of the Harlot's traveling sock? Is it just because everyone is doing it? Something is afoot here. They do look fun. The patterns are cool. The jaywalker has certainly swept the world (assuming the entire world consists of knitting blogs but I think that's a safe assumption). But I just don't get it. I must say thought that I am feeling the pull - I keep hearing about this wonderul "Socks that Rock" yarn and so when I was at Stitches West and I saw the Blue Moon booth I was inexplicable sucked in AND bought a skein of yarn! "What is that?" my Mom asked. "It's this Socks that Rock yarn that I keep reading about," I said. "Are you going to knit some socks?" she asked. "No, I said - it's just that I keep reading about it and wanted to know what all the fuss is," said I. "Hmmmm" she said -"what will you make with it?" And there remains the question. Will she or won't she? Will she be sucked in to the sock craze or maybe find a cool scarf pattern to use the Socks that Rock yarn with. Can you make a Scarf that Rocks with Socks that Rock or will you find yourself constantly tempted to wrap it around your feet? Stay tuned as I continue my quest to find the answer to the mystery of the cosmos.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Nothing like a little Competition!

Have you ever noticed what people will do to get something for free? It doesn't matter what it is - an ugly t-shirt that they will never wear, a signed photo of some has been they never really knew or maybe they stand in line at a trade show for a pencil or something? And then there is competion. How many of us have been goaded in to doing something when we find out there is a prize involved or that "so and so is doing it." Anyway - it's those freebies mixed in with competition that has me taking on yet another project which I really don't have time for. I'm a member of the OhhhBagMe KAL where we are knitting a felted purse each month. Wendy (or Plumpy I think her handle is) creates the rules and then we all "interpret" them and turn out amazingly different bags. This month is a challenge. You get to pick between two patterns and whose ever she picks as the "best" gets a surprise including yarn! Well I read that and immediately had to rush out to my LYS and get some yarn. I want to win - I've got to win - I want that freebie! I'm sure whatever it is it is WAY WAY better than a t-shirt I'll never wear or a lousy pen but did I have time for this project? Well - it will all be worth it when I win right???

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

TIVO Has Ruined Me!

So how many of you out there have Tivo? If you don't have one - well it's like a VCR on steroids. It is a digital recorder so it records your shows on a hard drive like a computer. It is very easy to record shows and very easy to play them back and skip commercials. You can even get a season pass so with one entry it records an entire season of your favorite show. If you have one I'm sure you love it. Actually I read an article that said that over 80% of people who own Tivo's use the word "love" when they are describing it. There is no other consumer electronic device in existence where so many people say the love it. Anyway - Tivo is great for knitters. Since of course we can never just sit there and watch TV but rather need to be knitting at the same time and well - let's face it - sometimes you miss critical dialogue in order to keep that stitch count. But with Tivo - no big deal - just go back a few seconds/minutes and there it is. This is probably an admission that I spend way too much time watching TV with Tivo but now I find myself wanting to be able to rewind EVERYTHING. I'm listening to a song on the radio and I can't figure out the words - let's rewind - oh no - I can't! Watching a movie in the movie theater? Can't rewind. Having a conversation and dazed off for a minute??? Can't rewind! Darn it. If only everything had Tivo the world would be great. Can we do something about that?

Monday, April 24, 2006

THE Afghan

Months (and I do mean MONTHS) ago I started to knit an afghan. I was inspired by a photo I saw in a book of a multicolored afghan with 12 different squares. They were all knit in either seed or garter stitch and probably a combo of 4 colors. I read the directions and they had basically created three long strips and then sewed them together. So I decided it would be a great opportunity to use different types of yarn and try different stitches.

So I gleefully went out and bought a BUNCH of different yarns that looked decent together and got started. I decided to make 18" x 18" squares so there would be plenty of room under the blankie. I got through the first row of 4 very quickly and moved on to the second. About 3/4 of the way through that one I ran out of steam. Got distracted on MANY MANY different projects and put the afghan away. I recently got reinvigorated and dusted it off and now am finishing the third of 4 squares on the last strip (pictured above). I decided the yarn I previously purchased for the last square really wasn't going to cut it so I was forced to go out this weekend and buy some new yarn (yes - a hardship :-) and will start the final square this week just as soon as I decide what stitch to use. Then I have to block the thing.

I must admit the blocking really scares me. I'm not the best at making my knitting the size it should be and I probably have 16 squares that are ALL different sizes in three strips but I'll give it a shot. Then I need to attach the strips to one another and I plan to try to add a border. I think that would really tie the blanket together Any suggestions on how to do that? All thoughts welcome!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Spring Time in Paris

Sorry for the delay in making another post but we went to Paris and London last week! Yes - a trip to Europe with three children!!! We may be crazy but it all went well. See the Eiffel Tower in the background? That's my attempt at an artistic photo. I imagine in a few short weeks when those tress start to bloom it will be gorgeous. I'm so excited to have this blog and the fact that I've even had two visitors - thanks for stopping by! I promise the next post will actually be knitting content. I'm figuring out how to get the sidebars in, put up a button and have photos of past projects - wonder how long it will take me to figure all of that out?! Anyway - Paris and London were wonderful - we went to all the typical touristy places but unfortunately no yarn stores! I had researched the location of yarn stores in Paris and London before we left but alas there was no time. I DID manage to spend about 10 minutes in the yarn department of the Bon Marche which was nice but I didn't really see anything that looked so different from what we have at home. I had delusions of buying some great yarn and making something so I could say, "this is the X that I made with the yarn from Paris" but I guess not. Maybe next time!!! Au Revoir!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Irish Hiking Scarf

Here is a photo of my Irish Hiking Scarf. I just love the vibrant blue color. I have no idea what I will wear it with - maybe black? Maybe I'll have to give it away. It is really fun (and easy) to knit but I haven't had a lot of time to focus on it. Not sure how long it will take me at this rate. I also joined the IHS KAL and there are some really cute fingerless gloves made out of a modification of this pattern that I'll have to try. I also have this wonderful soft yarn in purple, pink and red to make additional ones . . . .