Thursday, November 15, 2007

Schizophrenia of the Stole

I continue to toil away on the Secret of the Stole. It has definitely been an emotional project. I have had highs, I have had lows. I feel like I'm knitting quickly and getting through the clues only to realize I'm 100 rows behind. I'm happy with my results, I'm frustrated with my results. It's getting too long, it's going to be too short. I love mystery shawls, I'll never do this again. I have luckily gone forward a lot more than I have gone backwards but I have had my share of visits to the frog pond. The yarn I have chosen is a cashmere blend and is fingering weight rather than lace weight so the bit of fuzz and the thicker yarn does not show the pattern as well as the lace weight yarns. My hope is that when it is blocked the pattern will show better but it still is turning out fairly well. I'm on Hint #6 but only a few rows in to the 94 rows for this week and Hint #7 comes out tomorrow! Oh well, I will continue to plug along! Here is a photo on someone else's blog that shows you what the Stole should look like!


Janice said...

There is medicine for this, I think :-)

Jknits said...

You express the love angst so well! At least this is a project you will truly never forget. Here's the real question: Are you signing up for the next one?

AlisonH said...

Ummm. Cashmere. Amazing how, when you wear it, lots of friends find themselves patting you on the back without even quite realizing it.