Saturday, September 06, 2008

My Love Grows

When we last left our Heroine she was ever so deeply in love with Jasper. She dreamt of him, she spoke of him. She swooned when she saw him. She didn't think she could live without him. Her friends were sick of hearing her talk about Jasper. She knit him hats night and day in red, blue, black and brown. But would she grow tired of hats? Would she grow tired of Jasper? Her friends secretly hoped so but then their relationship changed - she decided it was time to try something different. Give their relationship a twist. Yes, she decided to make - a scarf! She decided she needed to share Jasper with others. It was wrong to keep him all to herself. So she decided to make a scarf for the Red Scarf Project. She would share Jasper with an orphan. Much to her delight she found Jasper to be as agile at scarfs as he was at hats. Is there nothing this yarn can't do?

I'm making My So Called Scarf and am just thrilled with how it is turning out. I've wanted to make this scarf for a long time and it is a really fun knit. And just in case you're worried that you won't get to hear more about that wonderful, soft, sexy Jasper - I've got several more skeins for the sequel!


hakucho said...

I've seen that scarf pattern before and thought it would be a fun your scarf. The pattern + the stripes = awesome :)

monica said...

that is quite a love you have going there. The scarf is lovely

smariek said...

I was thinking of doing that scarf for a friend who had wanted to knit it herself with some Malabrigo, but she never could find the red color she wanted, so it might be a nice surprise if I can find some in the red she likes.