Sunday, September 17, 2006

My Epic Novel

Have you ever noticed how knitting is like an epic novel? At first, you meet the players - the yarn, the pattern, the new stitch on the block. Then we do a little character development - how does the yarn look off the skein, knit in the pattern? What's the gauge? Do you understand the pattern's motivation? Then the story begins and goes along swimmingly at first, you're turning pages like there's no tomorrow and then IT HAPPENS. There has to be a plot twist. A heart wrenching turn of events. If there isn't then you don't really have a good story do you? You need an epic battle or an evil villan to make it more interesting. We must slay the dragons to come out victorious. Then of course we have to finish up with a happy ending or else you won't recommend the book to your friends now would you? Well I believe I am approaching my epic battle in figuring out the next section of my tote for the International Tote Exchange but I am hoping that I will emerge the heroine and it will all have a happy ending. Stay tuned for future installments.


brooke said...

How fast does one knit to be able to participate in a Tote Exchange? I am freaking out now that the felted bag for my niece will not be done in time for Christmas!! How many SPM (stitches per minute)??

Lynae said...

I love the tote so far!