Thursday, December 28, 2006

Holiday Hangover

Christmas is over, the presents are all gifted, the guests are gone and I'm left with the clean up. The holiday traditions of taking down the tree, putting away the stockings and storing all the decorations once more. I think I'll get it done - - - - tomorrow! Here are the fingerless mitts I made for Horsey Girl for Christmas. Her new favorite color is turqouise so she was quite pleased with them. Notice the fancy manicure purchased with a gift certificate she got for Christmas. These were a really quick knit - cast on 30 stitches, then I did a rib of 3 rows stockinette and 2 rows of garter stitch. Then you sew them up - leave a space for the thumb and viola! Many thanks to my wonderful SP8 pal Brooke for the idea. I hope all of you had wonderful holidays and are surviving the holiday hangovers!


HoJo said...

These look great on her. Did you finish the ones with the beads? (Notice I didn't say who they were for in case they haven't been gifted yet ;}).
Thanks for posting the pattern, I described these to a friend of mine and she wanted to make them for her daughter.

Jknits said...

They came out great! I'm glad they were well received.

hakucho said...

Very pretty. I love the color!
happy knitting in 2007 :)

monica said...

Those turned out really nice, and the color is great too.

Anonymous said...

nice colors and beautiful photo.

Allison said...

I love them! What size yarn and needles did you use?