Friday, February 23, 2007

Snow Day

This week the kids had what we call "ski week" in California. It is always the week of the President's Day holiday and the story goes that the school's got tired of parents pulling their kids out to go skiing so they scheduled ski week so they wouldn't lose the funding for the unapproved absences. Whatever the genesis, it is a fun winter break. This year we took all of the kids to Lake Tahoe to go skiing for a few days. I had forgotten both what a major hassle it is to get everyone geared up to ski and I'd also forgotten how much I love skiing! The snow was fairly lousy but the weather was awesome and we had a great time. In addition it seemed that most of the state was in Tahoe for the weekend so we ran in to lots of friends. I started a cabled hat for horsey girl on the drive up and I love the colors but the cables are turning out wonky. If she doesn't like it when I finish I guess it will be a charity hat (it's still cute just not what she had in mind). And to make the vacation even better??? The newly remodeled Northstar resort has a yarn store in the village!!! Can you believe it? I was totally psyched.


hakucho said...

Here you live in sunny California and you go skiing and love it and I have lived all my life with snow and I have never been skiing and really have never wanted to! Very ironic :)

Your cabled hat is cute...very pretty colorway :)

happy knitting :)

Janice said...

Skiing sounds very fun! Never been to Tahoe... it's on my list to do someday.... I think the hat looks great!

brooke said...

Did you go to Stitches?? I was there ALL day Sat and until about 1p on Sunday. I should have emailed you my cell number.. boo hoo. We had fun and spent lots of money! LOL.