Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Glacial Experience

Next stop was the Hubbard Glacier. It was really cool (literally as well as figuratively. You enter a sort of bay that is almost fully encircled by hills and just an opening at the mouth to sail in. The entire bay is filled with ice chunks(some floating and some which appear to be fixed) and the captain didn't know how close we would be able to get. We got within 2 miles of it (which apparently is pretty close.) The Glacier is at the end of the bay and is surrounded by beautiful tree lined hills. What I found hard to understand is that those hills are not covered with snow. How is it that an ice mountain can remain when surrounded by normal hills? It was quite cold though and we even got to see some ice breaking off the glacier and falling in to the sea. The Glacier is an amazing shade of blue which I wasn't really able to capture in these photos. Sort of an icy turqouise. All in all an amazing experience.

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