Monday, July 30, 2007

The Things We do for Love

This weekend we went over to the coast to see Horsey Girl in a horse show at her camp. It is always a beautiful drive and this time was no exception. We got to the camp, hiked the huge hills to the stables and arrived in time for the show. The show was supposed to be from 12:30 - 4 but didn't start until after 1 and went until after 5 p.m. No problem you say, premo knitting time right? WRONG! Horsey Girl takes offense if you knit during a horse show. She thinks that means you aren't paying attention. Even though she isn't in the ring all of the time - only for her events - you aren't allowed to knit. You must admire the horses at all times. So in the name of love I did not knit during the show even though I could have gotten so much done! It was not a total knitting loss though - before the show we stopped at Fengari - a cool little yarn store in Half Moon Bay and got some great yarn. Pictured here is some gorgeous Malabrigo - perhaps I'll make it in to a hat . . . . .


Janice said...

Way to sacrifice for your daughter! ;-) You will probably be 'rewarded' at some point with unexpected knitting time thrown into your day. (I would have enjoyed the horse show and probably found it hard to knit.)
I love the color of your new yarn..and I sure wish I had an ocean view like that within 1000 miles of my home :-)

hakucho said...

Sorry you weren't allowed to knit at your daughter's horse show...oh well...guess I'm lucky my boys don't mind me knitting when they play basketball or baseball. The only thing I won't knit during is their concerts...don't want to miss a beat :)

happy knitting :)