Thursday, January 08, 2009

New Beginnings

The new year is a time for new beginnings. For new promises to yourself and for renewal. When we were in Oregon for New Year's I brought several scarves with me since I would finally have the weather to wear them. One was this pastel scarf which is one of the first things I ever made. I love the yarn and the colors but the scarf was horrible. It was an undulating scarf that was wide then narrow then wide again. A neat pattern for the right yarn but clearly not a good choice for yarn that is very floppy. So whenever I wore the scarf it just looked like a pile of yarn around my neck. I decided to do the unthinkable. Something I have never, ever done before. I cut the end of the scarf and unraveled the entire thing! I decided the yarn needed a new beginning. It needs to be a gorgeous scarf that I can be happy wearing. It was pretty scary at first but then amazing how those hours of work could so quickly be undone. I've started it's new life and will show you soon.

On the flip side you could say there was an ending. I FINALLY finished the cool market bag I started making for Miss K in the summer of 2007! The entire bag was knit, I just needed to finish the i-cord and assemble it. Then recently I bought one of those i-cord makers so decided to put it to good use. I quickly finished a nice long cord and was able to finish the bag. It is adorable and she loves it. Now we just need summer!

It felt so good to finish my long forgotten project that as part of my renewal for the year 2009 I have decided to keep trying to finish those UFO's that are hanging around. I am making a promise to myself that before I start anything new I will finish at least one UFO. We'll see how long it lasts but I'm really going to try. So now for a CONTEST. Anyone who posts a comment in the month of January mentioning a knitting goal they have set for themselves in 2009 will be entered in a drawing for a wonderful prize filled with yarny goodness. Let the resolutions begin.


smariek said...

Pretty market bag.

I've made a bad yarn/pattern pairing before and didn't think about unraveling it. You brave woman. I can't wait to see what your scarf gets reincarnated into.

My big goal for 2009 is to learn how to knit socks. I've posted my other knitting goals here.

hakucho said...

Good for you giving that yarn a new start...much better than leaving it unworn - as is. I'm sure the new pattern will do that pretty yarn justice :)

Love the market bag...great color...I can see why your daughter adores it :)

No real knitting goals for me...I'm a one day at a time gal right now :)