Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Psycho Internet Friend

One of the best parts of the holidays was that I finally got to meet my friend Bonnie in person. Bonnie and I "met" a few years ago after the International Scarf Exchange when we were introduced in cyberspace and we started the International Tote Exchange. We instantly hit it off and became fast friends who had never laid eyes upon one another. We all know how that goes out here in the knitting blogisphere. We had been wanting to meet for awhile and came close about a year ago but finally the opportunity presented itself. Bonnie, who lives in Cincinnati, was coming to the San Francisco area with her daughter for a cheerleading event. I was so excited! We arranged to meet for lunch in San Francisco near a yarn store of course! We had a fabulous Hunan lunch and then went down the street to ImagiKnits. Everything was perfect (except for the parking ticket Bonnie got . . . .) We got along really well and hope to see one another again some day. I feel so lucky that we got to meet each other in person. So why the title? Well my daughters thought it was so weird that I was meeting someone I had "met on the net." I tried to explain why it is different than my continual warnings to them about meeting people on-line. I think they understood but they kept referring to her as my, "psycho Internet friend." Bonnie was a good sport about it and doesn't seem to mind now when I start my e-mails, "Dear PIF"!
At ImaginKnits we decided to both buy the same yarn. It is Azapa by Arunca Yarns and actually the photos on their website do NOT do it justice. It is very soft and sort of rustic. I got an off-white color and Bonnie picked a soft turquoise blue. We are both making scarves and I can't wait to see hers. She is doing 2x2 rib and I am making mine in mistake rib.

I also bought some gorgeous yarn for which I promptly lost the label. They told me it was from the Black Forest in Germany which sounds very exotic. I just fell in love with the vibrant turquoise and white colors and immediately set to work on a hat for Horsey Girl on our car ride up to Oregon. I made up the pattern myself and unfortunately did not take in to account how tight and unstretchy it would be. As you can see I got very far along but have ended up tearing it all out and starting over. I do still really love the colors.


Bonnie D. said...

You're right that the photo doesn't do the yarn justice. Your yarn almost looks gray.

But that turquoise yarn is spectacular! Can't wait to see what your second attempt yields. LOL.

hakucho said...

Sorry you had to start over...that Black Forest yarn is gorgeous, love the color, too :)

Lisa W. said...

gorgeous yarn! and ya know, I've met now 3 people from my on-line yarniness and they were all just delightful. no psychoses so far that I'm aware of. but we're older and more suspicious in general and choose meetups safely etc. etc. kids..aaaarrghhh.

Jknits said...

Yeah for psycho internet friends!
scarf looks like it will be nice and soft. Love the hat colors.

Knitsonya said...

I think the yarn is Naturwolle - I manage the website at ImagiKnit (and am a knitblogger myself) and try to take a peek when people link back to the site. As for Psycho Internet friend, I have a teenager and they seem to have no problems meeting people on Myspace. It's a double standard, I tell you!