Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Rumors of My Death

The rumors of my death have been greatly over stated. I am still alive and kicking - barely! So here's the summary: Caribbean cruise*granny, grampsie, sister, BIL,niece, nephew*family fun*San Juan* shopping*bingo*fun in the pool*fru fru drinks*St. Maarteen*snuba diving*fancy dinners*disco nights*shopping*mexican train*fru fru drinks*submarine ride*Labadee, Haiti*sunburn*water park*water slide*zip line*fru fru drinks*Miami Seaquarium*digging out at work*cleantech conference*pneumonia!!!*puppy playdates*sleepless nights*soccer*volleyball*t-ball*little tiny bit of knitting.
As to the photos - no I have not totally lost my mind and gotten a second puppy. The yellow lab is Molly's brother Riley who is owned by some friends of ours. He came over this weekend for a playdate and a great time was had by all! They even shared a stick to chew on.
On the knitting front I'm trying to finish things but not feeling a lot of the knitting mojo these days. I am working on a helmet liner for Socks for Soldiers in honor of my friend Brooke's son who passed away. I figure it's the least I can do. Other than that I'm making some squares for a blanket out of sock yarn.
That about sums up my last 2.5 weeks! What have you been up to??


km said...

You have been busy! I've been busy too, but my busy isn't quite as fun as your fru-fru drinks. I can't believe how big the puppy is getting. So fun to have a playdate.

Janice said...

so so cute!!! Playdates with other puppies are fabulous!!! Sounds like you have been quite busy. jealous of your cruise.. sounds like the same one we went on just over a year ago. always ready to go back!!! Wish Miss Sophie and Miss Molly could have a play date!!!

hakucho said...

Aw...cute :)