Monday, March 26, 2007

I'm so lucky!

I have returned from the frigid East Coast (see the photo at the bottom) to lovely spring weather. I had to go to Boston for the week for work but the delight was meeting my ITE II downstream pal Jennifer. We spent part of the day together on Sunday when I got the opportunity to have brunch with her and her wonderful family. Her kids were so well behaved and she has to coolest victorian syle house. It felt like we had know each other for years. To boot she gave me all sorts of wonderful gifts! She made the adorable needle holder pictured here and a really cool project bag modeled on the one recently in Knitter's Review. It easily holds 2 skeins of yarn and has a cool little strap to put over your wrist or the arm rest on a car of plane, and straps inside to hold the yarn. Also a neat-o little pocket on the outside for your various goodies. Then if that wasn't enough she made me an adorable dragonfly washcloth in purple no less and gave me a ball of purple Sugar and Cream! THANK YOU Jennifer for all the wonderful gifts!
We also found time to hit a few yarn stores both on the Sunday when I arrived and the Saturday before I left. We topped it off with a visit to the New England Flower show where we admired the various floral displays and discussed how their colors could be arranged in the perfect felted bag!


Bonnie D. said...

What a pretty needle holder! And a purple dishcloth.... awesome!

It sounds like you had a great visit.

hakucho said...

Once again beautiful make my day :)

Lucky you with all your new stuff and a great trip (visit) to boot :)

happy knitting :)

monica said...

Glad you got to have some fun on your business trip. What a lovely needle holder, and I love the way you display it, beautiful pictures.

brooke said...

Sweet!! Lucy you to get to meet your pals! Love the needle case too.