Saturday, March 17, 2007

Spring has sprung so why am I heading East?

Spring has sprung in sunny California. The flowers are blooming and the sun is shining. Today it is expected to be in the 70's. So why am I getting on a plane this afternoon and heading towards Boston? Yes BOSTON - where they got 2 feet of snow yesterday and they closed the airport??? Well duty calls and I have to go there for work so off I go. More importantly though, when I get there I'm going to meet my friend Jennifer in person! Jennifer was my downstream pal in Tote Exchange II. I'm so excited to meet her and her family tomorrow. We're going to have brunch and then a tour of Boston's yarn shops. I made sure there was extra room in my suitcase just in case I bought something (HAH - notice that - "just in case"!) I am so blessed with the friends I have made through the Tote Exchange. Among those folks is my pal Bonnie who just sent me this adorable wristlet. Isn't it totally cool? I just love it! There are more photos of her amazing wristlets on her blog. I'm taking it with me on the trip to carry pens and knitting supplies and so it can meet Jennifer too. THANK YOU BONNIE!!!


Bonnie D. said...

It fits right in with the flower. Is that a fuschia? Have a wonderful trip!!

hakucho said...

Have fun ( yarn ...did you say yarn shopping :) ) in Boston :)

Judy said...

How about a business to Cleveland so you can meet another pal?