Monday, June 25, 2007

Hats off to Hollis!

Hats off to Hollis (owner of Full Thread Ahead) for another fabulous Relay for Life. Team Knit Around had a stellar showing with an enormous pile of hats for cancer patients. Mom and I arrived at 10 p.m. and there was a large contingent. There was lots of laughing, talking, pie eating and knitting. Even when we left at 1:30 a.m. there were still 4 die hards - 2 of whom were going to knit for the entire 24 hours! My hats and Mom's are pictured here. I was happy that we finished so many. There's even one that got lost in my knitting bag (go figure) that I will be giving to Hollis shortly and I am still finishing the pink one shown above. I have become hooked on knitting hats. They are quick, cute and gratifying! Janice is the winner of my blog contest for sending me these two adorable Irish hiking hats. She also sent me some yummy candy covered soy nuts from Iowa. I have dubbed them Heartland M&Ms. Careful though - they are addicting! Janice will be getting a special gift package including the ubber geeky ear lights Mom and I were sporting at the Relay - they were all the rage! Also Hollis has graciously agreed to add something to the prize package. I hope you can wait Janice as I'm going to get something from Alaska to add in there. Thank you so much Janice!


Janice said...

YIPPEE! I am so excited to have won! I can patiently wait for my prize as I'll be in Colorado while you are cruising in Alaska! So glad you liked the Heartland M&M's!!

Oh, and that is a great pile of hats you and your mom made.. well done!

hakucho said...

Wow, that's quite an assortment of very pretty hats. Very nice work :)

brooke said...

Love the hats. Check out CCP481.110 & CCP511.040. Who knew WOOL would be in the Code of Civil Procedure. Who knew?? I found this looking in my 6 in 2 index - there it was at the top of the page "WOOL" - See - the legal field is connected to the fiber arts - ok - its a streach.

Amanda said...

I was doing some blog surfing and happened upon yours. I'm so glad that I did!

Wow! All those hats are amazing. I love knitting hats. They are so quick to knit up and they can really help us up some of your stash.