Sunday, October 21, 2007

Back to the Basics

I have been working hard on the Secret of the Stole and it has been a good challenge. She is giving us a lot of rows each week and it has been hard to keep up. I've slipped a little behind but not too far. I'm now on row 183 but have to get to row 258 before Friday! Jennifer suggests only counting the lace rows and not counting the purl back rows (since they are easy) and then it sounds like you have less to do. I like that idea but still have 38 rows to do! But I must admit that lace knitting takes A LOT of concentration. So I need to temper it with something simple and mindless. After all - we knit for relaxation right? So I'm back to my passion of knitting hats! Horsey Girl wore the hat I made for her to a Stanford women's soccer game the other night and now all of her friends want one. I must admit it was very gratifying that (a) she wore it, (b) people liked it, and (c) her friends actually want one! Say no more, I was off to the LYS and snooping around on-line for yarns for hats. I probably over did it (big surprise) so I may be making hats for the next decade and may have to find random people on the street to give them to but I'm having lots of fun. The turquoise one is Horsey Girl's finished hat (don't think I ever posted a photo) and the purple one is the first one finished for one of her buddies. Off to the next one!


km said...

I got your card yesterday. Thanks. I'm glad you like that hat pattern. I tried to get the yarn called for...but that would be one expensive hat. I thought of swatching for a different yarn...but then all knitters are different. I have another copy of the pattern, so if you ever want to do a little KAL let me know. There's another fun stripy hat in the magazine that I liked too. I should have bought a copy for myself.

Jknits said...

I love the hat! Great pattern. Great colors. Good luck with all the rest!

Janice said...

Love the hat! Have you shared before what pattern it is? I love it!! It's nice to do some different knitting here and there. I LOVED making another bag after getting totally absorbed in socks for while! I think a few hats would be fun as well!