Wednesday, October 17, 2007

THANK YOU Kristin!

The Fall Felted Bag Exchange has come to a close and I have received the most wonderful bag from Kristin. It came in the mail this week and is made out of purple and red nubby yarn. My two favorite colors! It has nice and thick handles which I like. None of those scrawny things! It is sort of like a booga bag or a coco bag - basically rectangular and great for so many uses. I'm very excited to use my new bag! Check it out on her blog - it is interesting to see what it looked like before felting - the colors appeared much lighter. She also sent me lots of goodies including a knitting magazine, two great skeins of yarn with purple and red colorways, dragonfly stickers, a pretty candle holder that I think she made for me and the cutest little metal dragonfly (see him on the magazine?) She also sent me some clear vanilla so I can try her famous frosting recipe. I 'll be making some soon. There was also a yummy bag of chocolate in there but for some reason it doesn't seem to be in the picture! Thank you Kristin - I love everything and I've especially loved getting to know you and look forward to getting to know you better. Also my downstream pal has her box now according to the delivery service so I'm just waiting to hear from her. I hope she likes it!


Bonnie D. said...

I really like that bag! The colors are perfect for me. I mean you. Ha ha.

I have that same yarn and plan to start a scarf from Scarf Style with it later today - Misty Garden.

Maybe it's time to resurrect our idea of a scarf / shawl pattern with our Marjaana. That is if you didn't give up on me and already make something from it!

km said...

I'm glad you love it. The yarn is Patons SWS. After listening to Anne, our FFBE host, rave about it I had to try it out on a Sidekick. I was just finishing that when we got our assignments, and I knew they had a red/purple colorway. And I forgot to mention. My mom uses half clear/half butter vanilla. I was out of the butter vanilla for a bit and used just clear. It was still ok, but the butter vanilla is where you get the "butter"cream. I think you'll see why my husband is a frosting snob. =0)

Janice said...

OOOh, lucky you! what a great package! I haven't seen that Paton's colorway before.. it looks wonderful.
(be careful..looks like Bonnie has her eyes on it...)

hakucho said...

That's one beautiful bag...I love the colors and your beautiful flowers :)

Shawnee said...

What a nice bag -- congrats!!