Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Show and Tell

Some eye candy for you of a couple of my Stitches purchases. This colorful yarn is some oh so soft alpaca yarn in such a bright and happy colorway that I just had to buy it. I think it came from Pacific Alpacas. She has a whole bunch of these cute little skeins of about 150 yards. I figured of course that it could be a hat! I have not yet decided if I will be keeping it or if it will be a gift for someone. Or I just might carry it around stroking it all day! The second photo is some wonderful green silk from Tess Yarns. I absolutley love her yarn. Her booth is very dangerous to enter and it is hard to leave with just one thing (I did not succeed!) Her colorways are so gorgeous and then you can pick the fiber once you find your favorite colors. She has sock yarns, silk, wool, merino, alpaca, silk and merino and even riboon. I picked this skein to make something for Miss K partially because she loves green but mainly because I just had to have it! There is about 333 yards - any suggestions on what to make with it?


smariek said...

Lovely yarn. I can't wait to see what you do with them.

hakucho said...

Beautiful yarn. I especially like the yarn with the Easter eggs...very springlike!! I'm sure you'll enjoy knitting with both of them once you decide what to knit :)

Jknits said...

Wow - what great colors. It looks like it would be fun wall art before you decide what to knit with it. Have fun