Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Other People's Knitting

There is knitting for friends and then there is friend's knitting! I have a friend named Nancy who enjoys knitting but is not addicted to it like we are. However I do my best to be a bad influence on her whenever I get the chance. We go to Oregon together every summer and when we do I take her to the LYS up there and of course she invariably finds yarn she can't live without. Unfortunately she generally brings it home and never gets started on anything. This of course makes me crazy since I know what she is missing out on. The other day I suggested we get her started on one of the projects she bought. She responded by handing me a bag from the store with a pattern, two skeins of yarn, knitting needles and a crochet hook - all in their original packaging! She suggested that I take them because she was never going to get to them. So I did just that. I took the bag, read the pattern and started the shawl. When I finish it is going right back in to her home but hopefully this time it will rest on her shoulders and NOT in a bag!

I leave you with a last photo from our vacation last week. This are some gulls at Moonlight Beach in San Diego.


km said...

I've often though of knitting as crack. One try and you're hooked. (or should the hooked be crochet?) Anyways, I wonder what makes the difference between one who catches the addiction and one who is just whatever. I think the shawl will be a lovely gift for your friend. And maybe she'll even think...I could have made that.

Glad you all had a great vacation.

AlisonH said...

I can't even see that yarn in person, and just the bit on the screen makes me want to grab it and go knit it. Crack indeed. And what a lovely thing to be doing for her.

hakucho said...

You are such a good friend! I sometimes hold onto yarn not starting something for awhile...usually because I haven't found the right pattern. I'm always knitting something though :)

happy knitting :)

smariek said...

The yarn is beautiful. That is such a nice thing to do for your friend, and I bet she won't be able to take it off her shoulders.