Friday, June 20, 2008

Happy Summer Solstice

Today is the day - the first day of summer. I always welcome this day with mixed emotions. I'm excited that summer has officially begun but somehow sad that this is the longest day of the year. Summer is just getting in to swing and already the days are going to start getting shorter. I realize that's a "glass half empty" point of view but I can't help it. Every year at this time it crosses my mind. But mainly I'm just thrilled to have Summer. Something to look forward to is the first day of summer brings with it the Relay for Life. Tomorrow night Mom and I will go for the third year in a row and knit our chemo caps. Here is a sampling of the hats that I have already finished. I find that I can only get one hat done during the evening so I try to make a few in advance. The silver hat is a really cool yarn that I found in a sale bin and it turned out very cute. Horsey Girl has been eyeing it so I'm going to have to sneak it out when she is not looking. I wish I'd kept the label so I could see what else they have! The one in the hydrangeas is made from Rowan All Seasons Cotton. It is very soft and great to work with. The multi-colored one is a top down spiral. I thought I had enough yarn to finish it but when I ran out I had to add the tan border but thankfully it matches. Finally, the burgundy one is another mobius hat made out of Blue Sky Alpaca. It is very soft and yummy.

I think this is definitely a style of hat that I will make more of.

Brooke asked if unspun fiber counts. The answer is SURE. He more the merrier. The idea is to have fun and get things done. In fact, Jennifer and I have decided to start a Summer of the UFO KAL. We're still working on setting it up but watch for more info. I hope you'll join us!


hakucho said...

A great collection of wonderful hats. My favorite is the last one...the mobius. Love the color and the style is very attractive. You are going to put smiles on lots of chemo patients :)

Lisa W. said...

And happy solstice to you was rainy and cool here (mid 50s). Love the silver hat...i'm taking a page from your book and making hats and scarves for a while...everything else i've cast on for lately is phhhttttt.

Karen said...

I would like to join your Summer of UFOs. My resolution was to finish my son's sweater that I started 3 or 4 years ago. I plan on devoting at least August to that goal.

Anonymous said...

I would LOVE and I NEED to be in a UFO challenge. I made a list of the unfinished projects last month. I didn't write down the ones where there is yarn and patterns, just the ones on neeedles. I promised myself I would finish some of them this summer and NOT begin anything new. Then I bought some beautiful golden yellow wool for a fall cardigan and it sits at my bedside. It looks longingly at me every morning and night. But, I have remained firm. I would like to be in the contest because I just finished a baby pumpkin hat. (the motivation was a baby shower) One is done!!

Anonymous said...

I've always felt the exact same way about the first day of summer. There must be a better way to mark the change of season. I love your chemo caps. I'm joining you on your UFO challenge, by the way!
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