Thursday, June 12, 2008


Meet Lyra, a baby Alpaca which is called a Cria. She was born one week ago and this photo was taken when she was just 2 days old. She is absolutely adorable! Lyra belongs to one of Horsey Girls best friends and she has been long awaited. Not only are Alpacas pregnant for something like 11 months but her mom had a cria last year that died tragically. It was such a happy day when this sweet little girl was born healthy and strong. Horsey Girl's friend posted signs on the pasture saying, "It's a Girl!" It cracked me up that her Mom went out with a pen and added, "Alpaca Baby" so that none of the neighbors would think that SHE had had another child! Don't you just look at her and think of a gorgeous soft scarf? There was a baby shower for her on Sautrday which was very well attended. Horsey Girl went to the saddlery and bought a purple bucket which she then decorated and also got little bows for her hair. Yes, this little cria will be quite spoiled!

We have had two graduations in the last week, the little man graduated from preschool and Miss K from 6th grade. They grow so fast! I managed to get through both without tears but it was tough. Now they are ready for a summer filled with camps and fun - I want summer vacation!


km said...

Lyra is just beautiful. It's so great for Horsey Girl to get to attend a 'shower' like that. I think so many kids don't get enough exposure to animals...yours definitely aren't those.

Anonymous said...

Hello! I like your blog! Just wanted to say hello and let you know that I will be your stalker I mean secret pal for SP12!

I'm busy knitting said...

your shelf looks good...the one on your blog that is...I have read those books. Good choice.

hakucho said...

The baby alpaca is so adorable!!

Congrats to the graduates :)

monica said...

She is adorable!!!!! They have the cutest little faces and I love that they keep those cute faces into adulthood.

I will have two in high school next year and one still in elementary school. Only 3 weeks into summer vacation and they are tormenting each other terribly, apparently it is a lot of fun for them.... for me.... not so much.

smariek said...

Aaaaw, so cute. I can pet her all day long! lol.

Gosh, they grow up so quickly. If I blink, Miss M will be in kindergarten, lol.