Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hanging at the Lake

The kids had the entire week off so we headed up to Tahoe on Thursday night. We have some friends who bought a cabin in south shore over a year ago and they have invited us up many times. Unfortunately we have never been able to make it - until now. I must admit the drive on windy Highway 50 was a bit scary at night but it was well worth the trip. The weather was amazing - crystal clear and 47 degrees! The snow was piles of powder and a fabulous time was had by all. The girls snow boarded with their friends and the Little Man took two days of ski school. It really helped and now he is making pizza (snow plowing) down the slopes.
I did not end up skiing on this trip. I had to take a conference call for several hours on Friday and Saturday I decided to hang out with my friend (the cabin Mom). She can't ski because she tore her knee last year. Instead we managed to find an adorable little yarn store called the Wool Tree where I bought yarn to make hats for her kids. We also found a great little scrapbook store where I bought stickers to add to my piles of unfinished scrapbooks! Someday, someday.

I found a little time to knit and I finished up my Calorimetry. (That's Horsey Girl's dirty hair in the photo - not mine :-) I had searched around on Ravelry beforehand and found that many people had said it was too long and too wide so I cast on only 100 stitches instead of 120 and didn't do as many repeats. I still need to find a button but I'm very happy with how it turned out. Now I have to go back to the cold so I can wear my matching headband/scarf set. The really weird thing about this pattern is that when I first came across the pattern on Knitty.com about a year ago I realized it was designed by the girls old swim coach. What a small world!

I also made another hat for myself, with some black feathery novelty yarn at the base and I used some gorgeous red yarn from the stash. The color doesn't show well at all in the photos. It is really more of a deep claret color. Then since I still had some of the red left I decided to make another Robin Egg Hat. Of course I ran out of the red so I had to mix in a little black to be able to finish. This hat currently is homeless but I think it will find a home soon.

I did find a little bit of time to read so I started the new book for my book club. It is called Bel Canto and I am really enjoying it. I highly recommend it and for the first time since this book club began it's a book that is less than 500 pages!
Also THANK YOU so much to Bonnie and Wendy for the Kreativ Blogger award. I'll do that in the next post so stay tuned . . .


Wendy said...

I read Bel Canto for a book club... execellent read! You'll enjoy it!

Bonnie D. said...

#1 TAHOE!!! I am so jealous!!! Sounds like a great trip.
#2 LOVE the Calorimetry and the red & black hat. And I do so love red.... hint hint hint
#3 I read Bel Canto and enjoyed it. I just finished a great book (see my blog) and have just started The Shack because apparently, I am the only person in the world who has not read this one. LOL.

Jknits said...

gorgeous. i'm totall jealous. the calorimetry looks great - the size looks just right.

smariek said...

A Cabin at Tahoe sounds fun and relaxing.

LisaW. said...

oh I loved Bel Canto...such an interesting concept for a book. great hats, great calorimetry...one day I'm going to try it. sounds like you all had a great time in the snow and what beautiful scenery! hope you're having a great week!

Carolyn said...

Hey Alison,

I read Bel Canto years ago. Have been a fan of Ann Patchett for a long time. I think Bel Canto is her best, but she has several lovely ones. If you like it, check out "The Patron Saint of Liars," too.

Looks like a beautiful trip! Kidd family had a great trip to Hawaii too, I think, though SO sad to hear about Amber!

monica said...

Your pictures are gorgeous as usual. I am so envious of all that lovely snow.
Love the hat and calorimetry