Monday, February 02, 2009

Tote*ally Awesome

Here is my favorite Christmas present. A gorgeous tote that Mom made for me. Isn't it awesome? You may wonder why I am showing it to you now but it took a little while to find it's way to my home. It wasn't quite done for Christmas but Mom did finish it early January. However after all the work she just had to show it to her friends at the guild. Wouldn't you want to show it off? Then it did find it's way to me about a week ago but I finally had a chance to photograph it this weekend. I wanted to be sure to have a bright sunny day so I could show it in all it's glory.

The story starts even earlier than that. You see Mom and her freind went to a PFQ (PQF?) Well a big quilt show that is like Stitches and there they found this really cool tool to make cords. They were so enamoured with it they decided to buy one to share. My Mom's friend had it first so she brought me a magazine that had a photo in it and a bag where the handles were made with the cord maker. I of course fell in love with the bag! Mom looked around and found fabric that looked almost exactly like the bag in the photo and viola! I got my favorite present. Look at the cool dragonfly lining!!!

In knitting news, I made this yummy purple scarf. I got this yarn when we were in Oregon for New Years. It was just one skein of about 150 yards. I think they had made it with odds and ends of fabulous purple yarn. Since it was three strands together I decided to make a scarf the long way using size 17 needles. I've rarely made anything using needles that big and it was so cool how fast it goes! The scarf was done in a jiff and it is long and snuggly. In fact so snuggly I must send it somewhere cold so it can get the wear it deserves. I'm sending it off to my mother-in-law in Delaware for Valentine's Day. Hopefully she will enjoy it.


Jknits said...

Great job mom! What a fun purse - love the lining. Great dragonflies. The scarf is gorgeous. I'm sure it will be enjoyed.

smariek said...

That bag is gorgeous! Love the cord and the lining.

Wendy said...

So the creativity runs in the family! Lovely bag!
I've nominated you for an award... check out my blog for the details.