Saturday, February 14, 2009

Spring is Springing

We are starting to see many signs of Spring in California. I think it is because we had some warm spells in January but I fear that now that we are having a normal winter with rain and cold it will knock all the buds off the trees. Here is a picture of my cymbidium orchid which always thrills me when it decides to bloom.

I have been knitting several scarves which I hope to finish and show you soon. In addition, I made this Robin Egg hat for my friend. She has invited us to her house in Tahoe next weekend to go skiing so I thought it would be nice to show up with a gift. Not only will it keep her warm in the snow but I made it in the colors of the San Jose Sharks hockey team because she is a big fan. I love this pattern. It is quick and really makes an unique hat. Funny thing is my friend Jennifer also made one and we hadn't even mentioned it to one another! Hopefully she will like it. Horsey Girl gave it the nod of approval so I think that's a good sign. She even said my friend's teenage daughter my steal it - I take that as the ultimate complient.

Here's a hat I made for the Little Man when we were in Oregon over New Year's but I forgot to post. When we got up there I realized he didn't have any hats made by me - only store bought ones! I couldn't let that be the case so I found this great Diva yarn and whipped up this little diddy. It went perfectly with his olive green jacket (not planned but a happy coincidence) and he loved it.


km said...

I love the shark's hat. And I had to do a quick knit like that for my 5. I was up until midnight finishing a hat for him for New Year's. I'm glad spring is on the way...but it's COLD here this weekend.

Janice said...

What yarn did you use for the Robin Egg hat?? I LOVE it!! It will be a perfect gift!!

Bonnie D. said...

I made a Robin Egg hat, too! I made mine last year and used pink yarn. It's on my Ravelry.

I love your version. Great colors!

smariek said...

Love your Robin Egg Hat. Funny, I used to go to Sharks games when I lived in SF, but I haven't gone since moving down here.

Glad tonight doesn't sound like the sky is falling. Hope you have some nice snow in Tahoe next weekend.

Jknits said...

the hat is great - it came out so well with the verigated yarn. Your friend will love it.