Thursday, June 04, 2009

What's a Girl to Do?

There is a new yarn store in the vicinity of where I live. It's called Green Planet Yarns. I've been hearing about it but it's not that close and it's in an area I don't tend to find myself. Recently Horsey Girl had a soccer game at a High School that was only 3 miles from Green Planet. So what's a girl to do? I volunteered to drop her at the game since she needs to be there half hour early to warm up. Mom was with me and we snuck on over to the yarn. My plan was just to check it out quickly and then get back for the first quarter. Well you know what's next! We did at least make it back at half time and at luckily BEFORE hubby got there so he never had to know!
There was so much to look at and so many yarns I'd never seen before! I didn't think that was possible since I've spent so much time in yarn stores and looking at yarn on line. I was "forced" to buy something. There was this gorgeous bamboo yarn in bright, bright colors. I decided to get it for a baby blanket. I don't know what baby yet, but maybe by the time I finish it someone will be pregnant! I'm loving this yarn. It is so soft and the color is not disappointing!
I leave you with a photo of one of our kitties. They are getting jealous that Molly is getting all the attention!


km said...

You're right...what's a girl to do. Great bright colors. And I love your Aby.

Jknits said...

It's a good thing the kids have activities all over the place - what a great excuse to get out.