Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Who'd A Thought

Remember this? I showed you the two yarns I had picked to make the Ulmus and I KNOW that some of you were thinking, "Ewww - has she lost it?" Well it's just so amazing to see how colors look once you combine them. I thought the colors would look good together but sometimes I would look at them and worry that perhaps I was crazy. Well lookie here. I'm thrilled with how this is turning out. I definitely recommend this pattern as it is quite easy but turns out a beautiful shawl. There is one point I will make though - when you slip the stitches it is always WYIF. I made that mistake at first only having the yarn in front on one side and not on the other. The pattern uses different symbols depending on the row even though it is for the same stitch (slip with yarn in front). I can't understand why they did that but once I figured it out things are going smoothly.

I'm also working on a few other things that I will share with you soon. It's been a little hot to knit lately so progress is slow. On the summer front Miss K is off to camp for 2 weeks and I miss her already. It is so weird just having 2 kids instead of 3. It gives me a little glimpse in to what my life will be like in two years when Horsey Girl heads off to college. I must say I am NOT looking forward to it. I'm not a mom who is eagerly waiting for her kids to leave home. I think I'll be the one hanging on their legs as they walk out the door!
I leave you with the obligatory photo of Miss Molly who is getting longer legged by the minute. I hope you all have a wonderful family, fun and fiber filled FOURTH!

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