Sunday, May 31, 2009


I have three kids. One six year old. Two teens. A puppy. And a very hectic schedule. So when my parents come visit on the weekends it is like a three ring circus. Everyone is talking, moving, interacting. To finish a thought is a luxury. To complete a sentence - unheard of. And it drives my father CRAZY! I have realized that my knitting is much like my life. A cacophony of fiber each wanting to be heard. The beautiful yarns talking over one another. Competing for my attention. The projects fighting to be heard. I hear a bit of this conversation and a bit of that . . . Maybe that explains why I have yarn stuffed in every nook and cranny and projects in every bag. I've decided to stop feeling guilty about it. The conversations will keep. I'll return to them later. Occasionally the subject matter will have changed and it may be time to scrap a project and that is OK. The point of knitting is to enjoy oneself right? So stop the guilt. Start the knitting and ENJOY!

I have been conversing from time to time with the Neco Wafer Hoodie from the Spring Twist Collective (there is a new issue out tomorrow!) I'm making it for my friend's daughter and I love the bright colors. Now that it's Summer maybe I don't need to worry about finishing it until Fall!

I did finish the helmet liner for the soldiers in honor of my frined Brooke's son. It is really long but that's what the pattern calls for. I guess they like to have some extra room in the helmet.
And to leave you with a Molly photo - here she is with Grandpa who was visiting last weekend. Doesn't she have the perfect puppy eyes?!


km said...

The colors you picked for the hoodie are great. I'm having the same problem with my knitting. I do want to finish my FIL socks...and I'll have to squeeze in time if that's going to happen. I started plenty early, but knitting has just not been happening.

Jknits said...

What a great analogy! It's like you have a big yarn party all the time.