Thursday, April 20, 2006

Spring Time in Paris

Sorry for the delay in making another post but we went to Paris and London last week! Yes - a trip to Europe with three children!!! We may be crazy but it all went well. See the Eiffel Tower in the background? That's my attempt at an artistic photo. I imagine in a few short weeks when those tress start to bloom it will be gorgeous. I'm so excited to have this blog and the fact that I've even had two visitors - thanks for stopping by! I promise the next post will actually be knitting content. I'm figuring out how to get the sidebars in, put up a button and have photos of past projects - wonder how long it will take me to figure all of that out?! Anyway - Paris and London were wonderful - we went to all the typical touristy places but unfortunately no yarn stores! I had researched the location of yarn stores in Paris and London before we left but alas there was no time. I DID manage to spend about 10 minutes in the yarn department of the Bon Marche which was nice but I didn't really see anything that looked so different from what we have at home. I had delusions of buying some great yarn and making something so I could say, "this is the X that I made with the yarn from Paris" but I guess not. Maybe next time!!! Au Revoir!

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PlumpKnitter said...

Hey Allison, glad to see your blog its great!.. I added your link to the bag me kal.. I will email you a tip on how to put buttons on your blog if that helps!