Friday, April 28, 2006

Nothing like a little Competition!

Have you ever noticed what people will do to get something for free? It doesn't matter what it is - an ugly t-shirt that they will never wear, a signed photo of some has been they never really knew or maybe they stand in line at a trade show for a pencil or something? And then there is competion. How many of us have been goaded in to doing something when we find out there is a prize involved or that "so and so is doing it." Anyway - it's those freebies mixed in with competition that has me taking on yet another project which I really don't have time for. I'm a member of the OhhhBagMe KAL where we are knitting a felted purse each month. Wendy (or Plumpy I think her handle is) creates the rules and then we all "interpret" them and turn out amazingly different bags. This month is a challenge. You get to pick between two patterns and whose ever she picks as the "best" gets a surprise including yarn! Well I read that and immediately had to rush out to my LYS and get some yarn. I want to win - I've got to win - I want that freebie! I'm sure whatever it is it is WAY WAY better than a t-shirt I'll never wear or a lousy pen but did I have time for this project? Well - it will all be worth it when I win right???

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Anonymous said...

you are hilarious!!..good luck winning!! I think you just got the competitive streak going in the other kal members *lol*