Monday, April 24, 2006

THE Afghan

Months (and I do mean MONTHS) ago I started to knit an afghan. I was inspired by a photo I saw in a book of a multicolored afghan with 12 different squares. They were all knit in either seed or garter stitch and probably a combo of 4 colors. I read the directions and they had basically created three long strips and then sewed them together. So I decided it would be a great opportunity to use different types of yarn and try different stitches.

So I gleefully went out and bought a BUNCH of different yarns that looked decent together and got started. I decided to make 18" x 18" squares so there would be plenty of room under the blankie. I got through the first row of 4 very quickly and moved on to the second. About 3/4 of the way through that one I ran out of steam. Got distracted on MANY MANY different projects and put the afghan away. I recently got reinvigorated and dusted it off and now am finishing the third of 4 squares on the last strip (pictured above). I decided the yarn I previously purchased for the last square really wasn't going to cut it so I was forced to go out this weekend and buy some new yarn (yes - a hardship :-) and will start the final square this week just as soon as I decide what stitch to use. Then I have to block the thing.

I must admit the blocking really scares me. I'm not the best at making my knitting the size it should be and I probably have 16 squares that are ALL different sizes in three strips but I'll give it a shot. Then I need to attach the strips to one another and I plan to try to add a border. I think that would really tie the blanket together Any suggestions on how to do that? All thoughts welcome!

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