Tuesday, April 25, 2006

TIVO Has Ruined Me!

So how many of you out there have Tivo? If you don't have one - well it's like a VCR on steroids. It is a digital recorder so it records your shows on a hard drive like a computer. It is very easy to record shows and very easy to play them back and skip commercials. You can even get a season pass so with one entry it records an entire season of your favorite show. If you have one I'm sure you love it. Actually I read an article that said that over 80% of people who own Tivo's use the word "love" when they are describing it. There is no other consumer electronic device in existence where so many people say the love it. Anyway - Tivo is great for knitters. Since of course we can never just sit there and watch TV but rather need to be knitting at the same time and well - let's face it - sometimes you miss critical dialogue in order to keep that stitch count. But with Tivo - no big deal - just go back a few seconds/minutes and there it is. This is probably an admission that I spend way too much time watching TV with Tivo but now I find myself wanting to be able to rewind EVERYTHING. I'm listening to a song on the radio and I can't figure out the words - let's rewind - oh no - I can't! Watching a movie in the movie theater? Can't rewind. Having a conversation and dazed off for a minute??? Can't rewind! Darn it. If only everything had Tivo the world would be great. Can we do something about that?


Kish said...

Oh if only life could be that simple lol. I am so jealous that you went to Europe! Hope you got a great partner for the tote exchange. The blog looks great!

Anonymous said...

LOL..hilarious.. my aunt has TIVO i am insanely jealous..i hate missing my shows.. American Idol, House, CSI... just to name a few *lol*