Thursday, July 17, 2008

Lace at it's finest

I'm still here! I hope you've had a chance to check out the travel blog where I have been posting on almost daily these last two weeks. We have been having a wonderful time on our vacation but I don't have any new knitting to share with you. I haven't had much time to knit and the time I have had has been spent on the second Monkey Sock so as not to suffer second sock syndrome. I haven't gotten that far on it but I'm hoping that 4 hours on a train from Venice to Rome and the long, long flight from Rome to San Francisco will give me ample time to work on it. In the meanwhile I leave you with this photo from the island of Burano, Italy - the home of Venitian lace. Some of the finest in the world. This gives a new meaning to the term "lace shawl"! I didn't even dare ask how much it cost . . .
I did FINALLY managed to find a yarn store on my trip - Lella Bella located in Venice near Campo Menin. It is quite small and they just display one skein of each yarn. She has a metal ring with gobs, and gobs of little, tiny knit samples of the different yarns to show you what they look and feel like. Then when you pick what you want she goes to her cupboards and rifles through them to get the yarn. In truth I didn't see a lot that I was interested in but after all the effort I have put in to finding a yarn store I had to get something! So I decided to purchase a few skeins of cotton/rayon blend in a blue, green and white which reminds me of the beautiful oceans and bays I have seen on this trip. I've been working on a cotton bag pattern based on what I saw in Dubrovnik and I think I'll use this yarn to make it. I promise new knitting content soon!

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km said...

Last night I was talking with a friend about how she totally complained the year her parents took her to China...and now she'd love to go back. How are the kids enjoying this trip of a lifetime?

Your "peas" blog has been fun. I have some catching up to do for the time I was without internet.