Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Saving the World

Can knitting really save the world? Maybe not but it's worth a try isn't it? I saw a post on Firefly's blog discussing how if each of us knit just one bag that we use weekly instead of a plastic bag the numbers add up and can really make a difference. Think about it. If I use one less plastic bag a week that is 52 less plastic bags per year. If 100 knitters do that (or their giftees . . .) that is 5200 per year. If more knitters do it or you use your bag for more than one year or you use more than one bag per week - the numbers can be staggering. I like to think of it as saving the world one less plastic bag at a time. Firefly has asked for knitters to join her quest - will you?
I have decided to join and am using my gorgeous Italian yarn to do so. I'm making my own pattern and calling it the Italian Market Bag. I looked around for an open work stitch to use and found the Italian Rib which I thought was a perfect choice. I will post the pattern when I finish the bag as it is still evolving. I'm trying to decide how long to make it and what kind of handle it wants to have. I saw a cool purse on my trip with white rope handles so I'm thinking of giving that a try if I can find any. Thoughts?


Lynae said...

I have been downloading patterns for bags for about the last week....curiously obsessed with this whole idea.

I have Hemp for Knitting, Hempathy, Cotton yarn from Michael's and linen yarn all waiting on a bag pattern...and time to knit!

Brooke Knits said...

What a great idea. I have a bag pattern from one of the vendors at Stitches West. I'll join the challenge and post about it tomorrow. Saving the World one stitch at a time!!

Lisa W. said...

Well you certainly inspired ME! I'm going to start a mesh market bag today. (maybe it's because i'm so disgusted with my inability to count correctly on my FLS lace part...but whatever the reason...good enough to go green!)
Your vacation was wonderful. Thanks for sharing your voice and pics.I enjoyed it vicariously.

Jknits said...

I'll cheer you on from the sidelines - I need all my plastic bags to clean up after the dog! :) A knitter I know knit a giant bag out of a strand of yarn held with plastic bags cut into strips. Good luck!

hakucho said...

Great idea! Can't wait to see your finished bag. I know when I bring my knitted (plastic) bags to the grocery store it really makes me feel good! Remembering to bring them ...that sometimes can be a problem :)