Sunday, May 28, 2006

Who Invented Slumber Parties Anyway???

Last night we had a slumber party for Miss K's 10th birthday. She invited 6 friends for a total of 7 ten year olds. I don't think an entire football team could have been any louder. What ever happened to the 2 hour party? Maybe a jumper or a pinata, some cake and then you send them all home. Who inveted the slumber party anyway? It must have been some masochist. Every year after one of these parties I always swear - "never again!" But by the time the next one rolls around I have mellowed. Well they are all off to their respective homes now and she is taking a nap! Wish I could. I'm almost too tired to knit . . . ALMOST!

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Bonnie D. said...

I hear ya, Allison!!! I HATE slumber parties but alas, my children still have them. And you know what makes more noise than 7 10-year olds? FOUR FIFTEEN YEAR OLDS!!!! No kidding, when my daughter's friends come over, it's like they all become partially deaf and have to shriek all their conversations at full volume. LOL

Seriously, happy birthday to your daughter. I'm sure she loved her party.