Thursday, June 01, 2006

There is something in my Yarn!

I've decided that there must be some drugs in the yarn I am buying. Something that wears off on to my hands, soakes through the skin and in to my blood stream. What else could explain the fact that I keep buying yarn, keep starting more projects and keep thinking I can get it all done? I believe it is a devious plan by all yarn companies. There is definitely SOMETHING in that yarn that gets me every time. First, I am currently working on my bag for the Tote Exchange (carfully photographed so as not to give too much away).

It is coming along well but I have only finished one side. I still have the other side and the strap to knit. The strap is actually quite long, several hundred rows for that matter so I still have quite a ways to go on my tote. In addition, I am working on a Cozy (pattern from, a throw for Horsey Girl, an Irish Hiking Scarf and a "Here and there Cables" scarf from Scarf Style. Also there is the Baby Blanket for Vicky so why did I think it was time to start ANOTHER baby blanket???

Well the baby is due in August so of course I need to get started. By Vicky's baby is due in August and the Tote Exchange is due in July, and, and, and . . . I'm usually a practical and logical gal but when it comes to knitting - that all goes out the window. I'm sure it is something in the fiber - couldn't possibly be that I've taken a leave of my senses. I don't know about you but I'm blaming the yarn!

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Kish said...

Lol, it's definately not us, it's the yarn.