Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Blanket Progress

Well at least I am making progress on something. This is the baby blanket for my friend Charles and his wife who are due in August. It is a blanket I designed so we'll see if it turns out OK! It's knit from the outside in and is sort of along the mitred squares line. The plan is that it will actually be square when I am done! I'm using Lions Brand Microspun which I have never used before but I came across it in the store and it is SOOOOO soft! Also you can throw it in the washer and dryer which I think is a must for a baby blanket. I have looked high and low for some gorgeous multi-color or handpainted type yarn that is really soft and can be washed and dryed for a baby blanket but I can't find anything! I have found solid colors but no multi- color. Does anyone have any suggestions? Maybe I'll just have to start my own yarn company- hmmmmm - one more thing to start!


Your SP8 said...

I love the idea of knitting the blanket from the outside edge in - how cool is that?? I'll re-read the blog - Lion brand pattern? i think i need to get my hands on that one!! I have your box sitting here on my desk.. well actually the box is almost to Mexico, the CONTENTS are on my desk. I am tearing the office apart now to find a new box (with no idenfification on them) to ship to you a little something I made - enjoy the sunshine - its soooo beautiful today. My daughter is flying in today in a few hours.. so excited. her boyfriend flys in Friday for the weekend - fun fun fun

Kish said...

Those are pretty colors for the blanket. It looks really soft even from the picture. I like how you are doing it from the outside in.

lauriec said...

Oooooh! Pretty!

Would love the pattern when you're done!!