Sunday, June 11, 2006

Did somebody say New Project??!

As I've mentioned before - I already have WAY too many projects in the works but alas - I needed to start another one. I tell myself it is due to the fact that we were flying back East and I needed something small for the plane. Or perhaps it was the lure of the soft, soft mongolian cashmere I bought when I was in New York a few weeks ago. Whatever it was - I've started a scarf. Just a little scarf. That doesn't really count as a new project does it? This yarn is so wonderful I really love working with it. I had a hard time picking a pattern - I started and frogged it about 5 times before settling in to a simple double seed stitch. I like how it is turning out although the white is pooling oddly. I really couldn't do anything about it on the plane because (a) I only had one skein with me and (b) of course I wasn't allowed to have any scissors but I might splice in from another skein going forward. Any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

Oh very pretty.. is that like the chinese wave stitch pattern? I know that stitch pattern shows up the varigated yarn really awesome like!!.
I can't wait to see how your blanket turns out as well
I absolutely love the colors you pick out for all your projects.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE hydrangia flowers - if only i could properly spell it LOL. You should be receiving a priority box from me, your SP8, if you have not already....i hope you like it. I received a package from my SP8 yesterday - i want to learn to spin and she sent me a drop spindle and some rovings (raw, but cleaned wool) I am soooo insanely excited i could spit.