Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Thanks and Relay For Life Update

My GR8 SP8 sent me another package. Thank you - thank you thank you!!! It is so exciting to get packages in the mail. So first I opened the mailing box and there was a note inside that said to read it after I opened the little box inside. This is the adorable box I found inside the mailing box . You can see by its size next to the flowers it is very tiny. Now my pal doesn't know this but I actually LOVE boxes. I know - it's strange. But I'm always collecting cute or useful boxes with the plan to use them at a later date. This is a box I will DEFINITELY be using again! My husband even made fun of me when we moved because - you guessed it - we moved a box of boxes. They were good boxes though - perfect for this, that or the other! So next with great anticipation I slowly opened my tiny little digidex box and found this - a beautiful light blue silk pouch. And inside it I found these! Aren't they great??!! Brooke made me these really cool stitch markers. Can you believe she said she's never made any before? I think they are so cute. And they even have a dragonfly which I love. She made them a little larger so you can use them on large needles which is perfect. This is going to be such an upgrade for the green and purple plastic thingies I have been using. It makes me want to go find a pattern that calls for lots of stitch markers. Maybe I should start another clapotis!! Also - to show we have even more in common in her letter she mentioned that she is coming down to my town for the Yarn Harlot's visit in September. Brooke we will DEFINITELY have to get together!!! I'm so excited that you will be coming here. It should be lots of fun. Actually the owner of the LYS who is sponsoring that event is the one who set up the Relay for Life chemo cap knitting last weekend. My Mom and I went from 10 p.m. - 1:30 a.m. and had a blast. Together we donated 5 chemo caps (we had started them before that evening) and there was a big pile on the table. What a great idea. Thanks to Holis at Full Thread Ahead!


Your SP8 said...

Oh, I am sooo glad you like the stitch markers. I am making a Booga Bag and somehow knitted my stitch marker into a freakin' loop of the yarn. I had to cut the metal loop thing of the marker. What talent!! The Yarn Harlot at your LYS will be very fun. We will have to meet (your mom too!). Do you remember Max's Tea Room? I think it was on Main Street? Of course my last meal there was 22 years ago! They closed up shop some time ago. And Shoupe park? you do down a hill to get to the park - I did some modeling in High School and did a photoshoot there for a store in downtown - can't recall the store or the magazine. Its been awhile. It was "Miss Lorraine's" modeling school - I think on El Monte? No, that's not right.. San Antionio? shoot.... Also, I love the purple yarn with the sequins in it!!

SP8 said...

Ops. forgot. My friend, Julie, did Relay for LIfe too! She was at the track for the entire 24 hours. Team Jazzercise! Go Julie!