Tuesday, August 29, 2006

No Impulse Buy Goes Unpunished

When we last left our heroine she had gone in to the yarn store merely to look for handles and had left with not one but TWO sets of Touch Me yarn and Mohair to make scarfs she neither had the time nor need for. Alas the poor lass was sucked in to the beauty of the scarf. So soft, so compelling. So putting aside all other projects that she had started she began knitting the first scarf. It was coming along well, it was soft, it was beautiful and then - tradgedy stuck! She ran out of yarn when the scarf was only half way done! What to do, what to do. Gathering all her strength and bravery she returned to the yarn store with the second set of gorgeous, deep red Touch Me and Mohair and - now you may want to look away - this is not for the faint of heart - she RETURNED IT! Yes, she had decided that was the only thing she could do. Return the luxurious red Touch Me,M the soft strains of red mohair for more of the pink and green mohair so that she could at least finish one scarf. She could not justify two scarfs with those needy yarn requirements. She would have to live with just one. Through these courageous efforts our heroine will live to knit another day and maybe even have a few pennies left for a Starbucks.


brooke said...

Beeeuuuuteeeful! I am pained at the thought of returning yarn, but a starbucks should cheer you right up!!

Bonnie D. said...

You are so funny. I couldn't figure out how only one skein of that Touch Me stuff was going to be enough. I love the vintage velvet scarf but yikes - 5 skeins of Touch Me?

This is really alovely scarf.

lauriec said...

Don't return your yarn silly goose! Do something good for the troops---send yarn to their wives!! (I slay me!)

Truly a tough decision---yarn or an iced caramel macchiato.

lauriec said...

Psssst Ebay Item #190026383274

Kish said...

Ohhh I have had to do the return thing. You slink into the store, place it on the counter and just sadly look at the salesperson and tell them you are returning it. "Why?" they ask, and you just look at them and come try to come up with some excuse other than "I didn't need it.".

By the way I have started some lace knitting :). Going very well, but no pics yet.