Saturday, August 26, 2006

Thank You's and a Shout Out to Lynae

First of all a big thank you to Joanna who sent me this fabulous bag for the Tote Exchange. It came all the way from POLAND!!!! How cool is that??? I just love it and I have since she first posted a photo of it on the Exchange. At that point I didn't know it was for me and I was just drewling over it. I even went to her blog to get the pattern (yes - she designed it herself!) and hoped to make it one day. Luckily I am so far behind on my "to do" list of knitting that there was little chance I would ever get to it before it arrived. It is a beautiful red with yellow and orange and this really cool flower and twisty cords that she made. I think she is so amazingly talented. It came with some wonderful treats as well including a beautiful candle, some yummy tea and this great polish milk candy that it is oh so sweet. Many thanks to you Joanna for my wonderful bag and all the goodies.

Next a big thank you to my Secret Pal 8 pal Brooke. Brooke has done a wonderful job of stringing me along with little hints here and there as to her true identity. This package was the big reveal and it is so fun to learn more about her. She sent me this wonderful big jean bag that is so fun, some amazingly soft Baby Alpaca yarn and these really great lighted knitting needles. Now there is no excuse not to knit! Brooke you are the greatest secret pal and you have sent me such wonderful things. It has really been fun being spoiled by you. Also the really exciting part - Brooke is coming to my town to see the Yarn Harlot in about 2 weeks so we are going to get to meet in person. Isn't that great? I'm very excited to meet her.

Last but certainly not least a big WELCOME to my SP 8 spoilee Lynae. I have had such fun spoiling her as part of this exchange and now she knows my true identity. I hope she will visit often and that we'll stay in touch.

So all in all - a big THANK YOU to Joanna, Brooke and Lynae and thanks for making my knitting world fun.


Brooke said...

Glad you liked the goodies. Love the bag too. A tote exchange?? I'd never get my holiday knitting done!! Can't wait for the Yarn Harlot road trip!!

Bonnie D. said...

Oh POOH! Now I'm jealous. I want to come meet you and see the Yarn Harlot, too!

Lynae said...

That jean bag looks SO cool!

You were a great spoiler!