Sunday, August 20, 2006

Saving the World One Skein at a time

I recently bought a bunch of Sari Silk from an auction site. I really don't need any more yarn but I found myself compelled to bid on these skeins. Now I HAVE shared them, I gave one to my Mom, sent one to my secret pal and I have kept the rest. I am justifying my purchase because I understand it is created by women's co-ops in Nepal. So you see - I'm really doing a good thing for the world by purchasing this yarn! In addition, I have some Manos de Uruguay yarn. Manos is made by "crafts people working together in Uruguay make this yarn which sustains their community" - once again - I think you can justify the yarn as an attempt to help others in the world. I also often hear about Malabrigo yarn which is made by "a small family owned yarn company in Uruguay working with a cooperative of women." I have never purchased any Malabrigo but I think if I did I could feel good about it. So here I am, changing the world one skein at a time. Save the world - BUY YARN!

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Heatherly said...

buy malabrigio! it feels as good as it makes you feel about buying it! sooo much better than manos!

monkeystix needles are factory made however, so much for that venture of indian tribal women....