Friday, August 18, 2006

Stop and Smell the Yarn

I was exchanging e-mail with my friend Bonnie the other night and we were listing all of the projects we have on the needles. In addition I listed the projects I've finished but not totally FINISHED. Then came the list of projects for which I have purchased yarn and not yet started. My first thought is that I need to knit more, faster, harder and then it dawned on me - isn't knitting supposed to be my relaxation? My release from my normal overly scheduled Type A life? Why is it that we knitters fall in to the trap of wanting to knit more, knit faster, get it done? So I am reminded to stop and smell the yarn. Feel the yarn. Enjoy the yarn. Enjoy the projects I am currently working on (there are plenty to enjoy!) Enjoy the process not just strive for the result. My mother used to always tell me that "patience is a virtue" to which I would respond, "that I don't have!" But I vow to try to be more patient with my knitting, enjoy each row and the growth of the project rather than just counting how many stitches, rows, inches until I'm done. Now I need to go and do some knitting!


Bonnie D. said...

AWWWWW! Cute picture.

brooke said...

AMEN! I find myself in the same boat. Stressin' out about all the knitting I need/want to do. I think it's because I knit so darn slow. But I enjoy the process too. that's why i like to spin.. no power cords - no internet, no nuthin' just me and the yarn and sometimes the wheel. I like to spin at night when everyone else is asleep, as i draft the roving, you can hear the fibers pulling, its cool. (trust me on this one).

Lynae said...

I was thinking the same thing last night as I was learning the three needle bind off. Once I finished, I was amazed at how nice it looks..but I didn't really let myself enjoy the process. I was just in a hurry to cast on the sleeves and get the sucker done!

Actually, I just have so much STR that I want to start knitting...that I can't wait!